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Brand identity, designing and building a Wix website, creative marketing materials for a real estate project in Tel Aviv

Client: BIRCO


Itamar Ben Avi 3 is a boutique residential real estate project in Tel Aviv, characterized by green construction, proximity and accessibility to major roads, and meticulous architecture. The target audience is for singles and couples, investors, and families “returning” to the city. These are people who do not live “above” the city in a tower, or live “outside” in the suburbs - but those who want to live inside the city and be a part of it. I worked with the client to tell the story of the building, based on four pillars: quality, urbanism, culture, and location. I designed the logo, color scheme and graphic language, and brand identity for the client, including client folders, floor plans, and signage. I also designed and built their website using Wix platform.

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