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Maya Halperin is a graphic designer based in Tel Aviv. She has more than 10 years experience working for leading design firms, including Basman/Tenenbaum Graphics & Design, Shira Shechter Studio, and Design Factory.

Services & Skills

Maya focuses on getting others to see what her clients see in their own brand, telling their story and crafting a narrative through visual language. With each new project, Maya begins by asking herself one simple question: what would compel customers to choose this product or service?
From here, she helps her clients hone in on the core identity behind their brand, and then brings that quality to life. She always goes the extra mile for her clients, taking on a limited number of projects to make sure she can give each one the amount of time and focus it deserves. Maya places a high value on aesthetics and brings a unique style and perspective to her work.

When Maya isn’t designing, she enjoys traveling the world, meditating, drinking good coffee, and socializing.

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